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Order & Collect

Please choose from the following range of breads, cakes & pastries, flour and eggs. Details of how to place an order for collection are shown below.


Sourdough Breads

Natural Bread Company - Sourdough - Oxford

Oxford: 800g
£4.50 + 20p*

Natural Bread Company - Sourdough - Brainy Tin

Brainy Tin: 830g
£4.50 + 20p*

Natural Bread Company - Sourdough - Country Tin

Country Tin: 820g
£4.60 + 20p*

Natural Bread Company - Sourdough - Sourdough Tin

Sourdough Tin: 540g
£3.80 + 20p*

Spelt Sourdough: 840g

£5.50 + 20p*

Seeded Rye: 850g

£5.30 + 20p*

Multigrain: 800g

£5.10 + 20p*

Walnut: 800g

£5.20 + 20p*

Pugliese: 850g
£5.30 + 20p*

* For an extra charge of 20p per loaf we can thick slice your loaf & pack into a plastic bread bag. Frozen at -18°c, our breads will keep for 6 months.

Yeasted Breads

Natural Bread Company - Large White Farmhouse

Large White Farmhouse: 800g

£2.70 + 20p*

Large Wholemeal: 800g

£2.90 + 20p*

Seeded Wholemeal: 690g

£3.40 + 20p*

Yeasted Spelt: 690g

£4.30 + 20p*

* For an extra charge of 20p per loaf we can thick slice your loaf & pack into a plastic bread bag. Frozen at -18°c, our breads will keep for 6 months.

Cakes & Pastries


£1.80 each

Pain au Chocolat:

£2.10 each

Pain aux Raisins:

£2.10 each

Cinnamon Bun:

£2.10 each

Apricot Danish:

£2.10 each

Pain au Beurre Salé:

£2.10 each


£2 each


£2.80 each

Chocolate & Almond Tart:
£3.30 each

Bakewell Tart:

£3.30 each

Fruit Buns

Fruit Buns x4: £4

Wessex Mill Flour, Oats and Mayfield Eggs

1.5kg Strong White Bread Flour: £2

1.5kg Wholemeal Bread Flour: £2

1kg Oats: £2

1.5kg Plain Flour: £2


6 x large: £2.30

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please email before ordering and we will be happy to send you full details of ingredients & allergens for our products.



How to order



1. Choose what you would like to order from the selected range & where you want to collect your order. Your collection options are:


  • Natural Bread Shop  -  High Street Woodstock | 7 days a week | 8am - 12noon
  • Natural Bread Stall   -  East Oxford Farmers Market, East Oxford Primary School | Saturdays | 10am-1pm
  • Natural Bread Stall   -  South Oxford Farmers Market, Lake Street | Sundays |10:00am – 12noon



2.  Email your order to Please be sure to include the following details:


  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Your order
  • Where you would like to collect
  • The name of the person collecting your order



3. Please note the following order deadlines:


Collection Day - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Order by 3pm the previous day

Collection Day - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Order by 3pm on Wednesday




4. We will then write back to confirm your order. You can pay for your order on collection. 


Take it slow, keep it Natural...handcrafted with love and nothing else....

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