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This is a story about hand-crafted bread, pastries and cakes 
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Our Coffee & Tea

All our coffee is supplied to us by HasBean, a Staffordshire based roaster. They pride themselves on cutting out the middle man and dealing directly with the coffee farmers, offering them a higher price for their beans and a contract as a dependable buyer. 


HasBean offer blended and single estate coffees. Single estate means that the individual farms’ beans and varietals are roasted separately and not used as a blend. This creates an exciting and vibrant experience as you drink the coffee and allows the true flavours behind the particular coffee bean to come through. 


Working with HasBean we try to offer different coffee selections each month. Our aim is to truly embrace the seasonality of growing coffee, it's more fun for us as we get to taste a lot more and also it gets rid of the commercial consistency that makes life dull.


But people matter too! As much as the coffee is important, you need to know how and what to do with it. We are very passionate about training our baristas properly on brewing, dosing and tasting the coffee to get the maximum pleasure out of drinking it. 


And so to tea.  We use a range of teas from Jing – in loose leaf and biodegradeable teabags. Jing source whole leaf teas from some of the world’s finest producers in bright and vivid flavours. From Assam Breakfast to Whole Peppermint, each tea is an authentic and definitive example of its type and guaranteed to make your day just that little bit better.


For further information, please call in to our Woodstock bakery shop & café where you will find a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly team who will be happy to share more of their knowledge over a cup of whatever you choose.

Hand-crafted bread, cakes & pastries with coffee & tea from expert suppliers....

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