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Sourdough not Sourfaux…..all of our sourdough breads are 100% natural
Friday 7th February 2020

Real Bread Week this year runs from 22 February to 1 March: an annual, international celebration of Real Bread and the people who make it.


In September 2018 an investigation by the consumer watchdog Which? tested 19 supermarket sourdough loaves and found that 15 of them were not authentic and contained preservatives and additives such as ascorbic acid (E300), yeast, and even vinegar to speed up the baking process and give a sour flavour.


A traditional real sourdough loaf should only ever contain flour, water, salt and some starter culture.


At Natural Bread there are only 4 ingredients in our signature sourdough breads: flour milled locally by Wessex Mill in Wantage, our own sourdough starter culture, water & salt. We use traditional slow fermentation techniques letting the sourdough starter do its job over 48 hours – this is what gives our bread its really rustic charm & means it is brilliant for the digestion too.


A selection of our sourdough breads is available to buy each day from our Woodstock bakery shop & café and at several of the weekend Oxford farmers’ markets. Why not come along and try some real sourdough for yourself, we’d love to see you and would be happy to let you sample across our range.

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