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This is a story about hand-crafted bread, pastries and cakes
made completely naturally, with locally milled flour…read on…

Our Bread

Sourdough Breads


These are the breads that we are known for. All of our hand-crafted, naturally leavened, sourdough starter breads begin with the same core ingredients: locally milled wheat, water and salt. However, once we use whole-wheat or supplement with other local flour types and add seeds and grains we can then offer a selection of breads that means that you have a wonderful variety of different loaves to try and enjoy, including:


  • Oxford – our signature sourdough:  white wheat & rye
  • Brainy - stoneground wholemeal wheat, white wheat & rye
  • Pugliese - organic durum wheat from Puglia, Italy
  • Miche – our award winning sourdough: spelt, white wheat & rye
  • Multigrain Sourdough – granary, white wheat and rye
  • Seeded Sourdough – white wheat, medium and dark rye & a mix of  5 seeds
  • Spelt Sourdough - brown & white spelt
  • Seeded Rye – 100% & filled with sunflower seeds


We also make sourdough baguettes, sourdough panini and other delicious flavoured loaves including walnut sourdough and olive sourdough.



Yeasted Breads


We offer a range of yeast leavened breads, including:


  • White farmhouse 
  • Spelt
  • Seeded wholemeal
  • Stoneground
  • Chollah
  • Foccacia



Bakery Methods


All of our breads & pastries are made by hand, from scratch, fresh each day in our Botley bakery without any additives, preservatives, enzymes, improvers, or stabilisers.


Hand-crafted bread, cakes & pastries with coffee & tea from expert suppliers....

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