Stockists across Oxfordshire & neighbouring counties sell our freshly baked bread.

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This is a story about hand-crafted bread, rolls & pastries made completely naturally, with locally milled flour…read on…

Our Rolls & Buns


We have a wide range of sourdough and yeasted rolls and buns available in different sizes - from elegant dinner rolls to our perfect brioche burger buns. These are made by hand, from scratch, fresh every day in our Botley bakery without any additives, preservatives, enzymes, improvers, or stabilisers. The range includes:

Brioche Burger Bun

Brioche Burger Bun

50g: £0.55 each | 70g: £0.60 each

90g: £0.70 each


White Sourdough Roll 

White Sourdough Roll  (v) 

75g: £0.60 each | 170g: £1.20 each 

Multigrain Sourdough Roll 

Multigrain Sourdough Roll  (v) 

170g: £1.30 each

Hot Dog Roll 

Hot Dog Roll  (v) 

120g: £0.70 each

White Roll 

White Roll  (v) 

20g: £0.20 each| 70g: £0.35 each

100g: £0.60 each

Wholemeal Roll 

Wholemeal Roll  (v) 

20g: £0.20 each| 70g: £0.35 each
100g: £0.60 each

Dinner roll

Dinner Roll  

30g: £0.25 each

Hedgehog buns

Hedgehog  (v) 

65g: £1.00

Exciting Product Coming Soon  (v) 


Products marked with (v) are suitable for vegans


If you are looking for a particular type of roll or bun to serve in your restaurant or café and don’t see what you are looking for in our range, please do ask - we are very happy to work with you on recipes and develop a product that meets your exact needs.


Our rolls & buns are available to buy from us and our stockists. Visit Where to buy our Bread for more information.

Made with love and nothing else.......